Church of The Living HopeChurch Of the Living Hope (Glendale, CA) is an all-inclusive body of believers, uniquely mandated by the Lord Jesus, to declare the “Whole Counsel Of God”(Acts20: 27) to the world. This complete message includes the gospel of the grace of God unto salvation for everyone who calls upon the Lord (Romans 10:9-12) and the much neglected, yet absolutely vital and needed, message of Christ’s coming kingdom and the responsibility of the believer in relation to this kingdom. We preach the message of the kingdom and the necessity of conformity to the image of Christ as prerequisite and condition of ruling and reigning victoriously in the coming age. Therefore, we stand, as the vessel of God’s calling in this city, to encourage, to admonish, and to strengthen those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit says to the churches in these last hours and to call out the faithful remnant of the Lord in His church to stand equipped and ready to face the kingdom of the enemy, to declare the Lordship and the sovereignty of Jesus Christ in all matters. We invite you to worship with us, study with us, fellowship with us, pray with us, witness with us, and live out the LIFE of Christ together.

Our Vision

We intend to be faithful and an obedient church to the “Whole Counsel of God” in declaring the entirety of His plan and purpose for the humanity in general and the church specifically.
We are a community of believers yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit in conforming each and every one of us to the image of Jesus Christ.  This is God’s ultimate desire for His redeemed people.
We are and will be a peaceful and family friendly church for all to feel at home, regardless of their heritage, race, tongue, education, and socioeconomic status.